Everything has a place. Everything in its place. Make sense of your space, with complete home organization.

We purge. We sort. We setup. We organize. And we make sense of your space and belongings.

Whether you're moving into a new home with different storage solutions or trying to reclaim your existing space with a sense of order, Greystone Relocation Concierge will make sure everything ends up in its place. And if it doesn't have a place? We'll create one.

What sounds more appealing: Having your master closet look like a sale rack, or like a luxury department store?

"It's like Bergdorf Goodman!" one client exclaimed to us upon opening her closet door.

And that's the reaction we want every client to have.

You'll see the Greystone difference when your kitchen suddenly has a "coffee station" (with the coffee maker, mugs, sugar, and spoons all adjacent), your linen closet becomes a Downton Abbey dream (even the guest room sheets have their own spot), the clutter disappears from the countertops in the bathroom, and your master closet becomes an at-home shopping experience ("Oh, so that's where those Marc Jacobs pumps went!").

We work hand-in-hand with clients to discard belongings they no longer need cluttering their homes (that fourth set of grandmother's china?), prioritize items that are needed regularly (flats in the closet, everyday forks and knives in the kitchen), and make sense of your living space.

From 2,000 to 20,000 square feet, Greystone can create an organization solution for even the most particular client.

Home organization solutions

  • Custom closets: complete installations or custom build-outs for additional space
  • Kitchen pantry, shelf, and drawer layouts: for easy access to your most used dishes and utensils
  • Drawer and shelf labeling: so every blouse and jacket has a home
  • Baby's nursery setup: never hunt for the diapers again
  • Garage overhauls (and let's be honest, they usually are overhauls)
  • Bookshelf makeovers: display your favorite reads, not refuse

Need help with your home organization? Get in touch with us by phone at (800) 250-MOVE, or email [email protected].