Not all relocation companies are created equal.

So many of our clients have horror stories to share from previous moving experiences. That ends with us.

Most of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals from past clients. Which means unless we impress you, you're not going to tell your friends and family about Greystone.

When clients hire Greystone, we have one singular goal: show you it was the best decision you made all year.

There are plenty of ways to change homes cheaply. But despite what some companies might tell you, there is no such thing as an "amazing deal" in this industry. 

Most people change homes every five or ten years. Greystone helps clients do it everyday. Which means we've perfected the art of transitioning homeowners from one beautiful house to the next. And we also have the best professionals in art hanging, wine handling, audio-video installations, home security, furniture repair, and home organizing — so you don't have to hunt through the phone book and make a dozen different phone calls.

You want easy? You want Greystone.

What happens when you hire: the other guys Greystone Relocation Concierge
Treatment of Your Home Your house becomes a construction zone, with throngs of strangers rummaging through your personal items with various degrees of care for fragile items. We lay down blankets, wear shoe coverings, and keep your floors and walls scuff-free while our organized team of associates methodically packs and prepares your home.
The Cost A low-ball bid just to get the job, followed by a confusing mishmash of fees like fuel surcharges and counting steps between the trucks and your door. Transparent pricing that’s easy to understand from the beginning.
The Team Unsupervised and untrained strangers, who specialize in throwing your things in boxes and shoving them on a truck. Handsome, uniformed, and courteous Greystone-certified associates who are background-checked and specialize in handling fine wares.
Communicating With You You’ll get a call … when something goes wrong. We’ll be in regular contact via phone, email, and even text throughout the process, keeping you informed of the project schedule and what to expect.
Planning A couple of guys show up and look around, bewildered. Hopefully they have the right tools and proper materials, right? We’ll perform walk-throughs and create itemized lists of your belongings, as well as an easy-to-understand project schedule so there’s never any guesswork.
Clean Up You mean leaving your home strewn with used tape and nails isn't what you wanted? We love leaving our clients’ homes in pristine condition and can thoroughly clean the house if needed.
Insurance Um. Sure.
They’ve got that.
Probably. Possibly?
Greystone carries a multi-million dollar policy above industry norms.

Relocating doesn't have to be a horror story.

Call us at (800) 250-MOVE and we'll make sure you change homes gracefully.